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Oldest Ancestor

The table below lists the oldest ancestors of the participants in the project along with the Participant ID# for each participant who descend from the ancestor. Those participants who agreed to display their pedigree chart are shown in YELLOW. You may view the pedigree chart and contact information by clicking on the yellow Part ID#.

This is the information as it was submitted by the participants.

If you wish to make you pedigree chart and/or contact information available please complete the Information Release Form.

Ancestor# 0007a
Part. ID# 4022, 4089, 5166, 15352, 30335
Blair Ancestor: John Blair (more information)
Birth: Mar 15, 1800 Newberry District, SC
Marriage: Feb 14, 1828 Henry Co., AL
Death: Oct 15, 1881 Pike Co., AL
Wife: Cedena Stephens
Birth: NC
Death: c1829 Henry Co., AL
Remarks: Ancestors 0007a and 007b are the same person. John was married to three sisters; first to Cedena Stephens, then to Kitty Ann, and finally to Mary Jane. We suspect John had a brother named William, who lived in an adjoining County (Barbour County, AL)
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