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3947 John A. Blair
  Ancestor Spouse
Gen: 3 Perley Blair Blanche Tressilian
Birth: Feb 27, 1885 Goshen Gore (Stannard), VT c1885  
Death: Feb 18, 1974 Manchester, Hillsborough Co., NH c1950 Manchester, Hillsborough Co., NH
Married:   Manchester, Hillsborough Co., NH
Gen: 4 Peter Blair Etta Mary Pratt
Birth: Nov 09, 1842 Goshen Gore (Stannard), VT Mar 12, 1858 Orange, VT
Death: Jun 04, 1930   Nov 18, 1937 Manchester, Hillsborough Co., NH
Married: Jan 01, 1880 Sheffield, VT
Gen: 5 Peter Blair Elizabeth Rodger
Birth: Apr 27, 1806 Stirling, Stirlingshire, SCT Dec 29, 1801 Neilston, Stirlingshire, SCT
Death: Mar 19, 1888 Goshen Gore (Stannard), VT Dec 31, 1891 Goshen Gore (Stannard), VT
Married: May 29, 1835 Lowell, Middlesex Co., MA
Gen: 6 Peter Blair Elizabeth Bell
Birth: Apr 02, 1763 Kippen, Stirlingshire, SCT 1763 SCT
Death:   SCT   SCT
Married: Jun 01, 1788 SCT
Gen: 7 John Blair Margaret McLuckie
Birth: Mar 27, 1720 Kippen, Stirlingshire, SCT c1720 SCT
Death: Dec 1799 Bucklyvie (Kippen), Stirlingshire, SCT Dec 1798 Bucklyvie (Kippen), Stirlingshire, SCT
Married: Apr 17, 1749 Kippen, Stirlingshire, SCT
Gen: 8 Donald Blair Janet McAdam
Birth: c1698 Kippen, Stirlingshire, SCT c1700 SCT
Death:   SCT   SCT
Married: Apr 28, 1719 Port of Monteith, Perthshire, SCT
Gen: 9 John Blair Katherarine Simmie
Birth: c1671 SCT c1679 Kippen, Stirlingshire, SCT
Death:   SCT   SCT
Married: 1696 Kippen, Stirlingshire, SCT
Comments: Gen 8 is guess based on the information available. There is no proof that Doanld is the father of John but I feel there is a good possibility that he is. Gen 9 is a shot in the dark based purely on the approx. dates and the fact John had a son Donald.

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